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Malka: Her Work – Singer

Malka a Real Artist

by J.D.

Malka of Malka Joso fame, delivering her first solo performance before an Ottawa audience at Le Hibou.

With an updated repertoire that is 75 per cent new and with a brilliant young guitarist – Kevin Knelman – and a new bassist the new Malka is still the Malka of old. An artist and not simply another popular entertainer capitalizing on the publics desire for distraction.




Malka, distaff side of what was one of the better-known singing teams Malka & Joso is now going it alone, and proved that she could more than make it by drawing a good house at the McGill University.

Malka has done many concerts,  and has four appearances on the Johnny Carson show to her credit.

She’s now concentrating on recording for Capitol; the tape of her McGill performance will probably become a Cap release.


Stand back, Malka’s tapping a source

by David Cobb

For Malka – the singer, the presence, the beauty – next Tuesday is… well, important because it marks the opening of a two-week stand at the Riverboat – her first big home performance alone since her break-up last year with her singing partner Joso.

“…I am enjoying very much to discover that there are still untapped sources,” Malka said, “and I want to expend that on the stage.”


Malka a hit at Expo

Malka-Solo2by Wilma Morrison

Malka , the raven-haired  beauty climaxed her first engagement series Saturday by co-starring with folk singer-actor Theodore Bikel in front of a cheering crowd of more than 10,000 at Place des Nations.

After the 90-minute show, thousands crammed the stage door looking for autographs from both artists.

Bikel invited Malka to join him when he learned how she had been singing to capacity audiences every afternoon at the Canadian pavilion.

This week Malka is off to rest at a cottage, Rest means a briefcase full of books to read and songs to learn.



Husky, rich and sultry

by Sid Adilman, The Telegram

It’s not an entirely new, but it is a breathlessly sexy and casually elegant Malka who opened last night for two weeks in the Royal York Imperial Room.

Malka is not to be ignored. She is a gorgeous woman with Oriental features, high cheek bones, facial skin tightly pressed against the boneby long flowing jet-black hair.

Her speaking voice is thickly accented. Her singing voice is husky rich and sultry.

With Malka even the trimmings are to be noticed.

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THE RIVERBOAT – Opening Tuesday, the all-new Malka, appearing alone for the first time on a public stage in Toronto.

TV Choice

The second of two musical specials spotlighting Canada’s ethnic performers is on CBC at 10 pm. Hosted by the Isreali-born folksinger Malka.

Malka To Appear At Grand Canyon

Malka, the internationally famous folk singer, will be at Grand Canyon College with her accompanist, Kevin Knelman.

Malka has appeared in a Carnegie Hall concert; a command performance in England;the Mariposa Folk Festival; over 200 concerts; on four Johnny Carson shows; hosted the World of Music (CBS-TV) recorded for Capital Records…

“Malka” Star of Exhibition Grandstand Show

Malka, an Israeli singer from Toronto, will head the list of stars appearing at this year’s grandstand show July1,2, and 3.

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