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Development Of The Dance Makes Interesting Program

by Ralph Thomas, Toronto Star

Both ancient and contemporary dances make up the interesting program titled ‘From Ancient Roots’ (at Hart House again tonight) which Garbut Roberts and Charlotte de Neve have assembled.

Aside from their vivid and colorful choreography, these pieces showed clever and humorous construction – especially the dance ‘From Ancient Roots’ which introduced into a delightful contemporary dance a balletic telling of the Jacob and Rachel story.

Though generally impressive, Charlotte de Neve, came off second best to the strong, graceful and controlled dancing of Malka Marom… Malka was a Rachel worth the waiting.

Perhaps the most diverting theme of the program is that suggested in the title: the development of certain dances through the ages. For instance, the dance called the ‘Paran’ which cleverly demonstrates the South American Negro’s weaving into a new form, his traditional African tribal dance and the 16th century

The remainder of the program dealt mainly with the ‘ancient roots.’ Presented were ancient Balinese dances, Indian mimic dances, and dances from the Noh and Kabuki theatre.


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